Jet Motors Shop

"Thanks again for working on my Mini. From the first that I drove into your shop. It was like I was the race car driver and you were my pit crew. You weren't guessing, you knew what to fix.To put it another way, it was like watching a Symphony. It was music. Thanks again for your expert work. Looking forward to having those Performance Parts put on." - Gary Provonsha

More than just a car.  More than just a shop.

Your Mini will make your life as wonderful as it has for us and millions of others.  We've spun, crashed, blown, rolled, laughed and cried Minis.  Screamed across finish lines, been splattered with oil, and rolled across concours lawns with a trophy in hand - with over a century in combined experience.

Since it's so much more than a car, you deserve more than a shop.  Just knowing how to fix your mini isn't enough.  We want you have a lifetime of great experiences with your Mini. 

Whether you have a 99pt concours car or a rusty grocery-getter, we're honored to welcome you to the Jet family.

You're a new parent.

You've read dozens of articles.  You've posted hundreds of questions.  You've asked the gurus and learned a little more each time.  Your mini will be as reliable and comfortable as your modern car, but only with the right decisions.

Like a child, cars aren't good or bad - but the decisions their owners make are.  You're in charge of hundreds of classic mini decisions whether you like it or not.  You can:

1. Learn slowly and expensively over the years.

2. Ask someone who has done #1.

3. Play it safe, cover it and let it sit in the corner.

Don't do either one.  Put Jet's combined century of classic mini experience to work for you and know it's done right, every time.